Start Small, Think Big

You want to be a millionaire. You want to run chains of industries. You want to travel all the countries of the world. You want, You want, all you want is BIG! But things come in bits and should then accumulate to be huge. There is a common saying “little drops of water, make a mighty ocean.” We often get big ideas, or even face big problems and we want to handle the whole chunk as a whole. What this does, is that you end up either doing nothing because everything is ambiguous, or add more pieces to the jigsaw.

I read a book by Dr. Ben Carson – “Think Bing,” and it was really inspiring, as it tells on how to think ahead. But it also underlines the need to take things in bits, as then we get to efficiently tackle that which we face. So when you get a big idea, you have to break your accomplishing plan into task and take them one after another. Same with big problems – get all the details, variables, equations and get your result.

I plan on traveling the world, but on a city basis, and I’m proud to say I have visited a number (Lagos, London, Ibadan, Istanbul, Ankara, Abuja, Eskisehir), and soon should be covering Macedonia, Bulgaria, Estonia, Aberdeen, Lithuania, Madrid, Barcelona,… and many more. It’s little by little, pocco a pocco, and yavas yavas.

Happuna! Lil-poccoyavasness!

Watchu think?

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