A female version of me

Some title huh? But believe it or not, I found the female version of me. Ok! Time out! This aint the same as “a second half”, “soul mate”, “perfect match”, or one of those kinda things. I mean it LITERALLY. It’s like a girl that is like me. Wooooo. Easy! Not that we look like twins or something. But when it comes to lifestyle, issues, thinking path, IQ, methodologies, and things like that – O…. she is SHE-ME!

Well it’s not like I met her and BOOM! – i knew. Nah! nothing of such. In fact it took more than just me to find out. She contributed to the “time of awareness”, thus establishing the fact that she was me. OK, are u still with me? Do you understand me? Do you understand the words coming out of my mouth? Hmmm! Make that – “text rolling off my fingers!” ‘Cos it’s true, it’s awesome and totally flabbergasting to find the opposite-sex-you (she-him and he-her) lol.

OK, I gotta get back to my books, as I got an exam tomorrow. Good luck if you have one too and happy holidays if you’ve done all.

Happuna! Merveness!


Watchu think?

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