A walk with the princess

I ask her a thousand times -“Are you royalty?”. Even if she answers in the nagative, she’s always been and would always be my princess. Hmmm! Memories about how we met. Exactly the same way I met the girl from this post …. click here. Just a innocent meet on an internet portal and we took it up from there. We had our first real-meet, when we both chose the same course for a semester. And we’ve been close – i’m fond of her and she’s fond of me. A prelude to a walk.

She walked past me in a sway of red and blue. Her hair stretching to gasp for the summer sun. She had ’em shades on – giving her the swagga of a college kid. It was a walk for a few yards – she had an exam in a few minutes and was glad to take her mind off the horror in view. At least, she was beeming with happiness.

How did the conversation go? It’s aiite for a first, considering the lenght. But hope to have more with her. It was a walk with the princess, my princess. It takes royalty to flow with another. Hmmm! That’s why my English name is “REX” Go figure!

Happuna! Saraness!

Watchu think?

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