Does the end always justify the means?

The exams have kicked off and we already headed into the darkness. All we got now is the lamp filled with the oil of knowledge that we have acquired so far. I never get satisfied with definitions of words, but I have an exemption for the definition of the word “wisdom”. A six-letter word that finds its meaning in every level and degree. But I think it’s got a perfect definition in the phrase “the application of knowledge”.

We have acquired knowledge all through the length of the semester and it’s time for us to apply them. It’s time for us to show how wise we really are. The teachers have given us this knowledge or better still, pointed out the way to us, and we have gotten as much as we could take or hold. Now this same teachers have drawn out tasks to see how much oils we got and how we are gonna use it.

Be wise! Reach out your hands and let the lamp burn bright! Be wise! ‘Cos in every season and reason; in every geography and topography; lies the imprint – “The ends justify the means”

Happuna! Wiseness!

One thought on “Does the end always justify the means?

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