Success on your forehead in the coming exams

It’s time for another series of test. We are back to the point of assessment. It seems harsh knowing we have these times ahead, and we hope we never experience it. We bring out our notes and take the dust off. We bring out the candles and lay near the match box.

It’s not until a fortnight that we get to be free. It’s not until then that we forget the hustle and bustle. The assignments and quizzes. The lab works and midterms. But now we face that which we dread. Now, we enter the tunnel that could lead a hundred places.

Good luck brother! Good luck sister! Good luck friend! Good luck to you! ‘Cos you gonna need it. Hope to see you up the ladder at the end of it all. Hope to see you with a smile at the drop of the pen. Hope you stand, heads up with “success” boldly written on your forehead.

Good luck to you in your exams.

Happuna! Successness!


Watchu think?

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