Quadsome: Reloaded – Dem Identities IV

And the last but not the least is………. 

We’ve seen the anchor contestant or the alpha contestant, in my humble self. The girl with the fascinating identity has mounted the hot seat. We also have seen the prettiest girl on the island, – also taller than me n the rest of em. Now it’s time we presented the last but not least…… or i think that was the opener. Yes it was. But nevertheless, who is she?

What makes her one of the contestant? Why is she the third of three friends who I got a crush on? What’s she got that makes her stand out? Her identity is not fascinating, neither is she got the brightest smile. But you gotta check out her EYES

You think you got a strong heart or wouldn’t blink at stares from another? Then you have not see this chic. She’s got piercing eyes of hazel. You know I talked about some girl with eyes of hazel some posts ago. Those are not compared to the degree of hazel you experience while hypnotized under the spell of this chic’s eyes

That’s all I got to say! So now you know ’em! Which one do I go for?

Happuna! Selectioness!

Watchu think?

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