Quadsome: Reloaded – Dem Identities III

Ladies and Gentlemen! I give you the prettiest and tallest of ’em all. Yeah! She is taller then all the other trios and me too. I promised myself never to trip for the girl taller than me. But then “Laws are made to be broken” – that’s what separates us from machines. So you could call her the exception. I tripped for her the first time i met her – you called say “trip at first sight” or “crush at first glance” 😛

Well she’s awesome – asper beautiful and pretty asper everythingy. She’s also got some smile. I mean a rear one as you don’t get to see it everyday on the streets, or in the shopping mall. I think she’s got even brighter smiles than “my lover who’s trying to love a brother, ‘cos she thinks i love another“. Yeah! I just drew that conclusion – she’s definitely got the brightest smile on the island. YEAH! I SAID IT!

Newaiz, it was first exchange of glances and then we got to exchange pleasantries and I can’t help her talking about me with her friends in the lab, class or on the bus (long story). But it’s sure we got something going on – if you get my drift…. but c’mmon, it’s just a crush for now. But there you have it. The 3rd person in the “rectangle” – me, fascinating identity, brightest smile, X

Find out about X in the next episode of “who wants to be a quadsomenaire” :))

Happuna! Weekendness!

Watchu think?

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