Quadsome: Reloaded – Dem Identities II

Yeah! I know! The last post was boring abi. I mean who would like to read about me? Who am I? Y’all just want to know ’em girls in the “triangle” – in this case it’s a “rectangle” (this is for the 4GB RAM readers :P).

Well, I said it before. Without me, you wouldn’t be reading this. They are my words, my experiences, my dreams, my realities. So get used to me and we’ll have a good time. 😉

So who is the 1st friend? Who is the 2ND contestant on the who wants to be a QUADSOMEnaire? You probably know her already if you have been following this blog since March 2009, ‘cos she is the girl with the fascinating identity. Click here to read more about here.

Happuna! FasciQuadness!

Watchu think?

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