Quadsome: Got a crush on 3 friends

Is there such a word like “quadsome”? I don’t think so, but then words are created in the world of Happuna. So ladies and gentlemen, I give you “Quadsome”. Any if you got the brains, you should have already figured out what I’m talking about – especially with the title of the post. OK! What’s the deal? What’s the story? I know that’s all what y’all are interested in, and I’m not gonna stall any longer, as that will only make……………

I got a crush on 3 friends. Yeah! I know you read that before. In fact, it was the first thing you read. But I gotta emphasize, so you can realize, and then gratify the weight of this publicized….. hmmmm! I am out of rhymes. hahahaha! Yeah I really wasn’t. “Hey! Cut to the chase” – I hear you all saying that already. You screaming at me through my screen, but I won’t mind you. I got my words and they are mine. If you want them, you’ll have to wait for ’em.

Yeah! Wait till the next post!

Happuna! Quadsomeness!


One thought on “Quadsome: Got a crush on 3 friends

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