my lover tries to love a brother, 'cos she thinks I'm in love with another

When words like “ultimatum”, “contract”, “final”, “duration”, or synonymic terminologies began to spring up in a love story, then it’s better to back out immediately. I grew to love her, and tried to get across to her. It was like she was on the other side of a mirror. I could see her, but she couldn’t reciprocate the contact. I used all mediums and resources at my disposal, save confronting her and telling her in simplest of words “I love you”.

But it wasn’t until a few hours, I heard she had set a time out for me to do this, else she would have to reconsider a brothers’ offer which she had previously turned down. That “brother” saw me chatting with another, who I have grown fond of – the same lady that I referred to as a friend that hung onto a thread from a lover’s clothing. He then ran with this info to my lover. She first saw it as just hear-say and paid no attention.

He – brother, was sad and gave her an ultimatum, to accept his proposal, because I was in love with another. She then set a duration of time, for me to propose to her or come up with some kind of commitment. I had lots of distractions during these times and I just didn’t have that on my mind, even though I saw that a lot of my friends got the “expectation” mask on, when we met on numerous occasion – she had made them all promise not to interfere or give me any heads-up.

The time elapsed and my lover gave her love to a brother; a brother who told her that I was in love with another. But then the words are out – “ultimatum”, “duration”, “contract”, “final”. I am out, even though the race has not started yet.

Happuna! ERness!

Watchu think?

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