….she's who she wants to be

Next month, would be our first anniversary of meeting,  in the oddest way ever. You could call it fate, or just what you get from mindless or empty surfing of the Internet. But we crossed path and I thank God everyday that we did – well not everyday per say :D.  But we did grow to know each other. She was just a chat-buddy, but then she grew into a friend, and now she hangs on the thread of what a friend would pull off the clothe of a lover.

I have just decided right now to divide this story into two parts, pending some event that’s gonna take place tomorrow. Yeah, believe it or not! We gonna actually have a date for the first time after almost a year. All we had were “hellos” in the hall-way, and online conversations, text messages, call-faking, and a one time 1-way call 😀

Happuna! Sahiness!

Watchu think?

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