She tailed me for quite a while… Part III

OK, here is the concluding part of this story, as I have began to lose interest in making it longer. Not that the suspense ain’t there, but I get to see more things every day that I wanna share. Here goes:

…. abnormal or better still anomaly i.e. unfathomable phenomenon. She started to double up at a uniform rate – in case u wondering what that is, here is some figure. Lets say she was moving at 2m/s, in 2 secs, she attained 4m/s and in the next 2 secs, she attained…. yeah u right! 8m/s!

At that rate would expect her to overtake me anytime soon, but that didn’t happen, as she decelerated when she came to arms length. Well i kept to my pace with thought soaring through my head. 21 questions 😀 Should I double up? Should I turn back and ask why she was doing that? 

Well I didn’t need to, ‘cos she came to my side and I looked at her and all I could say was…..

Happuna! Helloliness!

Watchu think?

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