She tailed me for quite a while…part II

….. until I got to the round-about just after the sport complex – Lala Mustafa. She came out of the right, with a sporty outfit. White body-hugs, blue tree-quarter tracks, white trainers, and a pony-tail for a hairstyle. Of course, it was evening and she was talking an evening walk, jug or whatever u call it. Isn’t that normal? Well it was at first.

She took a right turn, which was now a parallel to my path and was just behind me. Still normal right? cool! So I was walking at a usual pace and she had her pace too. At my pace, there was no way she could close up the gap and that’s what i wanted as I was trying to avoid the unnecessary. Well, u could say I was trying to be as normal as possible.

But then I started to see some …………

Happuna! Suspenseness!

Watchu think?

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