It's sure been a while

How are y’all doing? i have missed you loads and want to apologize for my supposedly disappearance for these past period. I know it’s been awkward coming here over and over again and not seeing any recent post added. I sincerely apologize.

It has not been easy for me either. The exams took lots of my time but that’s no excuse. I just ran out of Internet airtime and have been offline for a while. I tell you – it ain’t an easy feeling. It’s like i was disconnected from the world. Like thrown in the hole or somewhat that kinda thing. Ostracized, Isolated, Separated, Trapped, Cut-Off, or any other word you could think would be a befitting synonym.

I thank most of you or all of you that got to me via other means – i think i got and sent the most number of text messages this period. I got message from ends of the earth – London, Americas, Macedonia and Nigeria 😀 Gee, I did not know I was pulling such long strings. But I do appreciate all of your help during this period.

Exams are over for now and the spring festival is around the corner, and the Nigerian Award Night is tomorrow so be sure of getting lots of gist with time. I should also be getting back online before this week runs out. I love you all and missed u all so dearly, but guess who’s back? Yeah!

Happuna! Returness!

Watchu think?

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