How una dey?

Yeah! some post title huh! It simple means “Happuna!” or in the mud-blood language – “How are you?” 🙂 Well it’s sure been a week for moi with the midterms and all. I had one exam yesterday and it was C programming – coded my way through the exam. It did feel good writing all those codes. Looks like I am actually getting my codes back :

Well it’s the weekend and I know y’all trying to have fun and relax. But woooooo…. it’s gonna be Monday tomorrow and we’ll be back to work 😦 Well i say it’s good to live in the moment but then planning ahead sometimes could come in handy. I just want to wish you a very refreshing weekend and a fruitful weekend. For those who still having exams – Good luck! and for those who gonna start soon – Study hard and you’ll be fine :).

Wow. I can’t believe I have come to the end of this post. Pretty Short right? Well these are one of the days when words are better left unsaid 😉 See you around.

Happuna! Happunaness!

Watchu think?

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