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I know it’s out of bounds to talk about school stuff when outta school but I just saw the need to mention this. I got introduced to the world of computer programming as early as 12 years old and it was quite fascinating, because in lame-man point of view, you actually telling the computer what you want it to do. Like a command kind of thing. You are not using what the computer is offering, but instead using the computer to get what you want. That kind of puts you in charge and makes you play down talks of “the computer having control over you – the user.”

Well, I strayed away for a while into other stuffs like music, drama, fashion and other stuffs. After a while, I had to come back to it and it was not the same perspective I had. This time around it was some boring piece of scripts that I found stupid to learn in the first place. I guess exposed to the side of using things as they are for a long time really demeaned  my thirst for control and manipulation. I now see programming as a difficult and boring thing to do. I even questioned my department “why the need for an electrical engineer to learn programming languages?” 

Well with another long period of exposure to it. I have started to find my way into liking it again. But as they say – “it can never be like your first love.” I still ask question on the importance. I feel it’s a basic tool but also a commodity one can demand for in real-time. So that’s it people. Coding my way through C programming, coding my way through life…. 

Happuna! Codiness!

Watchu think?

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