I wanna do what makes me happy Pt. II

Yeah people. This is the continuation of what I started yesterday. Many people said I write too long and it’s hard for them to crash read the post in time. So I have decided to shorten my posts, and if impossible, I’ll divide the post into parts. That’s why I have a Part 2 for the last post. A quick summary of the last post shows that we all in one way or the other are involved in the pursuit of happiness. I am going to expatiate of the fore-phase of this pursuit. It’s more like the training stage that an athlete undergoes before taking the tracks at the Olympics or any other competition.

I did mention earlier that we get to develop certain habits, acquire certain skills and are introduced to many philosophies as we grow up. All of these and more are what moulds us in preparation for the race. Most of the time it might seem hard or difficult, boring or unnecessary. For example, we ask so many times why we need to take the calculus course in the line of becoming an engineer? Other times we ask why it is bad manners to talk while chewing? These are but a few things that we come across during this phase.

It’s often found out that most of us get to go through the same things at childhood but become different personalities as we grow up. When I say the same things, I mean with respect to our background or other factors affecting the inputs we get while growing. For example, twins would be taught to write with their right hands but it’s possible to find that one prefers the left at a stage. Right before this stage, the twins have been exposed to the same fore-phase of the race. The point here was to equip them with the skill of writing and not to tell them which hand is right to use.

In summary, we get to run this race depending on the fore-phase (training) we got while growing up. Funny enough, we still get to learn as we grow, more like a physical check-up or exercise. So I hope you get to sit down and see the skills you have acquired, habits you’ve developed, and training you’ve received and use them well in your pursuit of happiness.

Happuna! Pursuitness!

P.S – i think this post is still kinda long 😛

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