LOST: Leaving the island for a few days

yeah! Nuri Pasa is exiting the island for a while. I know lots of you would be saying -“He’s got to be crazy to be leaving at this time of the semester.” True! The midterm exams are around the corner. It starts from Friday – 24Th of April to be precise, but not to worry I’ll be back before then. I hope to return to the island on the eve before the midterm’s gun is shot! Aside the fact, I got midterms, the island also needs me (just quoting from the TV series – LOST). 😛

Well this trip couldn’t have come at a better time. Even though it kind of leaves me standing on one feet – financial wise, it’s really one with dual purpose. By the way, I am going to Eskisehir, a city in Turkey not too far from Ankara – the nation’s capital. I am going for the eestec event hosted by the LC* there. It’s a DSP* workshop that runs from 19th – 26th April, but I’ll be cutting off the 24th-26th out of my attendance.

So as I was saying, the trip comes as a dual purpose. The first is of course to learn, as DSP is a field I am quite interested in. But the other purpose is getting away from all the drama that’s being building up on the island. Yeah! Lots of drama that I need to get away from and clear my head. So that’s about it. I will be going off for a few days. And might not be getting through to you. I’ll miss some of you and need to miss others. But then I hope to come back and go into the exams and live life abundantly. By God’s grace (Insallah).

Happuna. Voyageness!

DSP – Digital Signal Processing
LC – Local Committee
eestec – Electrical Engineering Students’ European Association

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