I gotta stop thinking n starting doing

Well as many as are anticipating the result of my yesterday’s move, here is something for you. It went as half-good as I expected, i.e half-bad as well. So what went wrong? Did the opportunity not match the necessity? Was the desire not enough to see me through? I hope it was not the former, nor the latter – because I definitely checked through. But then, who says “half-bread is better than none?” Well I’ve gotten half-bread and I’m still hungry – so I have to get the other half, you can call me Oliver Twist.

But seriously I figured out what went wrong. I was thinking too much. I tried to speculate, figure out every output from a corresponding input. Moreover, It was not the scene I’d expected and allowed the pressure get to me, when I could just have adapted and taken control. I am not saying it is wrong to think about things. But that’s meant for the planning phase. A little thinking could also be done due to change in details – but as i said “little thinking”

It was “big thinking” for me at the wrong time – action phase, and that made me allow the perfect opportunity slip away. Now, I gotta create another and set things straight with her. I gotta stop thinking and start doing – “actions definitely speak louder than thoughts.” You should do the same. Nothing could be more depressing knowing you missed out on something wonderful because you were busy planning to get that thing or person in the first place.

Happuna! Doingness!

Watchu think?

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