Bad News – who loves to hear or share it?

Yeah people, I’m planning a trip to Turkey on Sunday and would be away for a few days, but don’t panic, I will try to give you your daily bread 😛 Now that’s good news right? But I wanna write about the opposite “Bad news”. I don’t like to hear it as I don’t like to share it too. But unfortunately we gotta have to be either the carrier or receiver of bad news. That’s just a needed balance in nature.

And it’s bad news when I say my finance is in a mess. 😦 I gotta be really careful on the way I spend immediately or Nuri Pasa might have to get a loan. Happuna! No borrowness o! Yok! Hayir! Borrowness degil! Well so it doesn’t become much of a bad news, I’ve taken steps to avert the worse and worst from happening. And that’s my point tonight.

We often get bad news, but then make it worse or worst news with the way we treat the news. For example: You get to know you had just failed a quiz. We worry so much that we end up failing subsequent quizzes (worse) and then growing a nonchalant attitude to studying (worst). That’s for the hearer. On the path of the carrier of bad news, exaggeration or gossip makes a bad news go worse or worst. For example: A plane crash, becomes, a plane crash with many injured, and then it comes, a plane crash with some dead and many injured, and then a plane crash with no survivors. 

So which ever part you play, or whatever end you are (sharing or receiving) in “BAD NEWS”, always try making it worse or worst. It’s bad enough already. You just have to look for the equivalent good to counter it’s effect. Like in the first example – you study harder and watch out for the mistakes you made; and in the second example – you shut up your mouth! Want to dedicate this song to all that have had any form of bad news of recent – Daniel Powter’s ‘Bad Day’

Happuna! noBadnewness!

Watchu think?

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