A million voices – Love edition

Many are called, but a few are chosen,

but I wish I wasn’t chosen for this.

Shedrack, Meshak and Abdenego,

put in the fire, but never got burnt

and I wish I never got burnt in this.

They say a man is judged by his works,

so tell me, what’s this worth?

No gold, no diamonds, no money,

in this world, can ever replace this.

If Romeo and Juliet could have it then

why can’t we have the same now?

If Jack and Rose could have it on waters,

why can’t we have it here – lands on water?

I wanna sing for this, I wanna dance for this,

I wanna cry for this, I wanna laugh for this.

A million voices cry out to me

I stand there with my head bowed low

but it’s you I hear, it’s you I want.

Happna! Remixiness!

Shedrack, Meshak and Abdenego – 3 Hebrew children from the holy books

Jack and Rose – The Titanic

Romeo and Juliet – Shakespeare

lands on water – island


Watchu think?

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