Something I took as Nothing, became Everything !!!

It was as if I was actually in one of those movies – the ones they showed in paper view. Just after all my lectures today and glad to finally see her, I headed for the 16.00 bus back home and there it took about 12 mins for the bus to start moving. It was not unusual, neither was it typical. But I paid the fare and got a sit. Hmmm! Tic-Tac-Tic-Tac…. Sitting there, waiting for time to move a little faster. The songs filtering from the bus radio speakers weren’t helping matters. And then I saw something!

Ok! I actually saw it before now, but I took it as nothing. I’d seen it in cafes, as well as the classes. I’d seen it in London as well as Istanbul, but then I saw it somewhat through different eyes. There were two lovers, standing right outside the bus. It was quite confusing who was going to take the bus, but I was sure one was going to leave the other behind. Now, that’s not unusual or a bad thing – as they were going to see each other again the next day (I suppose), but it was not like that all.

I just couldn’t help notice the infinite goodbye signals – the kisses, the stroking, the hugging, stirring into each others eyes as if it was a goodbye that would be a last. Now I had something to do for 12 mins. I watched these love birds and then I saw something! He had the saddest face ever, looking down into her face and all I could read from his expression was “Why do you have to go now?” She had her back towards me so I could get the impulse response.

But then this went on for like 4 mins to bus departure time and then I saw something! They walked past the bus forward a little and stopped. Hugged each other tightly and then she came aboard. Yeah! She was the one leaving, at least what I read from his expression was somehow correct. She sat down and watched her lover through the window. I sat there composing a song, something like “It’s ain’t easy, watching your lover go on a bus to a place where you don’t belong.” ( I have forgotten what it sounds like).

And then the time came – The bus was about to move and there, I saw something! She stirred at him so piercingly and of all the things she could do, all she did was to bid him bye with a wave. Hmmm. I saw something! I had seen it before and took it as nothing, until I saw it today. I saw something and it was everything!.

Happuna! (Nothi-Somethi-Everythi) + ness !

Watchu think?

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