Desire! Necessity! – which of these is really the mother of invention?

I know most of you would jump to the conclusion that it’s Necessity. As there is a common saying – “necessity is the mother of invention”. Perhaps the title of this post should have been – “Is necessity really the mother of invention?” Well I always believed what had been passed down through time, but then It dawned on me that necessity might not necessarily be the mother of invention.  Here is a simple image I painted.

Taking invention and birth as equivalents, there is need for sperm, ovaries, fertilization, gestation and finally delivery.  Now looking at invention:
  • Sperm – Necessity
  • Ovaries – Opportunity
  • Fertilization – Realisation
  • Gestation – Desire
  • Delivery – Invention
Things might be seen as necessities, but without the other factors like opportunities, realisation (matching the necessities with the right opportunities), desire( having the urge to start and go through with the process), there would be no invention. So why do I say it’s desire and not necessity, opportunity or realisation?

As I said, there are lots of necessities, and without the opportunities they are just going to be necessities and nothing more. Now, if those opportunities appear or are created and there is no realisation on terms of success, all energy would be futile. Let’s now say the realisation is there – i.e. one necessity is matched with an opportunity, there is still need for the urge, the courage, the DESIRE to go on ahead and through with the process. That push – the gestation period, the internal growing period is the MOTHER of INVENTION.

Once passed that stage, there is no going back. If anything goes wrong, one has to check if the realisation was correct – if the opportunities and necessities really matched. So there you have it people – I give you the mother of inventions “MRS. DESIRE”

Happuna! Desireness!

Watchu think?

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