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Procrastination (having to postpone task all the time) is a very big draw back when it comes to development. It is really a bad thing, even though it has become something normal and negligible. So many people got this problem – including me, but I got some ways I go about it. At least I can say I cut down on my P.R.* by more than 60% in the first quarter of this year.

It seems as if it’s nothing to worry about procrastinating, but when I look at my peers who are ahead of me in one area or field, it then dawns on me that I was always procrastinating and it slowed me down. I am not saying you should always look at your peers and feel bad. But as they say – doing the extra is what makes something ordinary become extraordinary. The extra in this case is doing things at the right time.

There are many ways to go about cutting your P.R.* but I am going to share the ones that have worked for me :

  • Check your schedule and fill the task in a time packet i.e. allocate time for the task
  • Make sure there is something before and after the task so that you don’t encroach on other time packets
  • Have a list and check each task executed
  • Whenever you see yourself in a time packet, ask yourself if what you doing is productive.
  • Try having a partner in performing some task, so as to get a push if needed
  • Treat “time” as an asset. You don’t want to be waisting it on nothing.
  • Lastly, don’t waste time looking for the perfect opportunity, create the opportunity instead.
So those are my 7 P.R.* cutting tips. I hope you really work on it and wish you luck in all your endeavours. Have a nice weekend.

Happuna! Doingness!

P.R* – procrastination rate

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