I detest the proud – She proud!

For a while, I thought she was shy, so I gave her space. Got to talk to her friends. Even those I had judged to be snubs, but then she still stayed  away. I then though it was a thing of clique. I got my own clique. It’s only natural to have a selection of those in your in, inner and innermost circle. But that don’t mean you would be a snub to anybody not in these circles. At least courtesy says “BE POLITE”

Well it didn’t take a genius to find out she was only a proud girl. She’s beautiful  – that’s a fact, one that cannot be denied. But it doesn’t have to go into your head and then let peoples greetings fall on deaf ears. Well She’s proud and I hate her for that. I don’t hate her as a person or anything but the vice -pride. It’s no way to treat people – looking down on them. 

I saw her a number of times today, I don’t know why – different places, different scenes and I gave her taste of her medicine – I made her feel negligible, as if she were nothing but a piece of paper floating through air; or a dying leaf falling from the trees. I know she got the message. I am sure of that.

I hope this phase passes for her soon. I hope she opens her eyes to see that life’s interdependent and no man forms an island. Aside that thorn of flesh that she’s got, she’s  a wonderful and very cheerful person. But a “but’ only makes people take a second look at what you claim you are. So “E” change your ways – Pride comes before fall.

Still missing “C”, guess she should be back before I say Jack Robinson – phew…. no she’s not. But I do wish her and others – “R” and “K” a safe trip back.

Happuna! Humbleness!

Watchu think?

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