Togetherness – the way forward

It’s like I’ve been taking a pattern recently – kinda like a sermon mode, but I can’t help do it again tonight. I just saw the movie – Hotel Rwanda, and something critical dawned on me. Any peoples considered as underdeveloped or developing by economic definition is one that over a long period stood against it’s own progress. England was once at this place until it was burnt to the ground to start over again.

Unfortunately, I’m from a race that still hates herself and with that hatred and spite, strike one another. Some of this hate is externally induced – from the colonial masters. Although we got people that break through the barriers, get enlightened and get the veil of ignorance off their faces, it’s only considered an individual achievement and not a peoples’. Togetherness is the way forward. This is not for geographical or national application, but is also applicable to all spheres of life.

The United States of America, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirate and former United Soviet State of Russia have one thing in common – “United”. This is what made them world giants. The Asian tigers are a threat to the world on every level – education, science, technology, commerce, military and so on, for the sole reasons of the unity binding these Asian countries.

The Jews maybe considered world record breakers and setters, and outstanding in whatever they do, but as a people – there is nothing to point out. So what’s up tonight huh? 😀 I got the flash, it dawned on me, I saw the light – induced from this movie and it’s soundtrack by Wyclef Jean – A million voices. I hope in the nearest future, we all would see this and come together to make things work.

Happuna! Togetherness.

Hotel Rwanda – A million voices (Wyclef Jean)

Watchu think?

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