Time out!

Yeah! The weekend is almost over and a new week begins. But we must just step out of our 4-D world (Time being the 4Th dimension) and see how far we’ve come. Some say it’s not how far but how well.  This is quite reasonable but I also argue that how far is a function of how well things are. If things are going well, you’ll definitely go far 😉 

And how do things go well? It’s nothing but planning. He who fails to plan, plans to fail. I know we got to be spontaneous sometimes or even go the extreme of becoming a “YES” man. But even in saying yes, you gotta plan on timing and other factors. So it’s really cool if we take a time out every now and then as see how far we’ve come. If it’s not far enough, then see if you doing things well. And as I said the last time – you cant be doing the same thing and expect a different result. 

So people. It’s evaluation time. Weigh your self! Take a look at your checklist! Get the yardstick! Stand in front of the mirror! Ask yourself “How far?” 

Have a nice week.

Happuna. Evaluationess.

YES man – a Jim Carrey movie
4D – four dimension.

Watchu think?

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