I could be your hero baby ;)

The first time I heard this song filter out of the radio’s speakers, I just couldn’t help pick out every word of the lyrics. Well, sometimes, we get to be in a position where we have to give a helping hand and it’s sure important that we do. I am talking of relationships here :D. So if you not in one (like me) this could come in as some point to having a successful one. It’s certain one time or the other that your partner’s gonna be weak or down. It could be as bad as wanting to end the relationship. It’s then that every superwoman need a superman and vice versa.

You just don’t have to hesitate and jump into the rescue. If it’s a word-solution, talk all you can; if it’s a material way out, spend all you can 😉 (don’t be a magga* though). But I hope you get my point. ” You have to go the extra-mile to make things extra-ordinary.” So if you want to have that fantasy (Hollywood) relationship, you just gotta go out of your way and be the HERO.

That’s it for today. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I am going to be having F.M night with F and P. See you tomorrow. Yeah! I wanna give a ‘get-well-soon’ shout out to C. Get well soon, love ya.

Happuna! Heroness.
magga – someone that spends on request of the partner
F.M – football manager

Watchu think?

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