music: food for the soul

Come to think of it – music! A universal language. Spoken by all classes, cultures, religions, peoples, life-forms, and e’en the gods themselves. I don’t know how one would live without music. It would be like leaving in a B ‘n W world, or eating a tasteless fruit or using an odourless fragrance. I love music – It’s what keeps me going. 

The good book (for the religious people), has one story or the other that addresses our situation every time. I also notice it’s the same with music. There is always a song out there that fits into every situation, circumstance or mood. It’s just awesome how a 00.05.00 (max) could be so piercing as to touch the soul of even the most hardened human. It’s amazing

I love music – gonna say it again 😀 People say “I like Rock” others “I am into R ‘n B”. I don’t care what style it is ( I do rate some higher than others), as long as it’s good music and it touches the soul or serves one purpose or the other – You just press “PLAY!” But just to be safe with the principles of selection, I love songs with guitars and my favorite for now is anything from Jason Mraz.

So, if you gonna take anything from here today, it’s to listen to music – lots of music. It’s the food for your soul. Aside the science behind it ( don’t wanna go into that), it’s sure relaxing to listen to what you like – from moving your body wildly in the club, to just humming the tune and snapping your finger by the seashore. IT’S DEFINITELY WORTH IT. Feed your soul today.

Happuna! Musicness.

B ‘n W – Black and White
R ‘n B – Rhythm and Blues
00.05.00 – 5 minutes

Watchu think?

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