Coming out of the closet

How many of you have seen some or all of the episode of R.Kelly’s “Trapped in the closet”? Well I saw all of it and sure learnt something(s). 😛 I just came out of one (closet) a few minutes ago with the help of a friend (Thanks G), but then I asked myself -“why couldn’t I open the door and walk out myself.” It would have just been the same thing. Well this sure has giving me the push to come out of the rest. 😉

The last time I talked about crossroads, and now its closet. They are pretty much the same but the only difference is that crossroads are open ( everyone knows you are there), while closets are secrets( it’s personal but can only be seen by others if you want them to). Nevertheless, closets are more dangerous as you can be in one for long and nobody cares because no one sees or knows anything.

So the earlier the better. Take that bold step and come out of that closet. Hope for the best and prepare for the worst. What could be the worst? Definitely not worth lost time spent in the closet. 😉 So join me as I walk out of mine and face what’s on the other side of this dark, cold and filthy closet.

Happuna! No more closetness o.

Watchu think?

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